Mechanical Drafting Services (MDS) was established in 1987. With only a vision and a dream, founders Mike Deines and Paul Bennett put their real-world experience to the test and created a company that allowed them to use their passion for drafting to provide exceptional service to the construction industry.
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Over 3 decades later MDS is still committed to remaining on the cutting edge of technology as the future of CAD and automation in the construction industry continues to evolve. MDS prides itself in its employees, core values and work ethic to this day.
Brad has an Associate of Applied Science degree and has been with MDS for 13 years.  He specializes in 3D modeling and coordinating mechanical piping, process piping, and plumbing systems and boasts experience in producing detailed fabrication drawings for a wide variety of projects.
He is an accomplished novelist and a lover of Mexican food and exotic hot sauces.
Brad Mathews
Brad Mathews
Lawrence obtained his Associate of Applied Science degree from CWI and has been working for MDS for 5 years.
He is adept in electrical design and 3D BIM modelling, and also  provides  residential support with 3D Modelling and rendering. 
On the weekends and in his free time, Lawrence enjoys playing softball and is an active Gamer.
Lawrence Aurelio Jr.
 Niko received his Associates of Applied Science at CWI. He started working at MDS as a drafter 3 years ago doing BIM 3D, He has since been  modeling pipe, duct, and electrical at MDS for BIM projects.
In his spare time he is a Producer/DJ, Audio engineer, PC Gamer,  and an Origami enthusiast 
Niko Duarte
Kyle earned his Associates of Applied Science degree from CWI and has been with MDS for 5 years. He has contributed to many projects involving 3D detailing of Process Piping, Plumbing, and Mechanical Piping systems. 
He enjoys snowboarding and gaming when he is off the clock.
Kyle Newsom
Micheal has been with MDS for 5 years. He Specializes in  BIM coordination for Plumbing, Mechanical Piping and HVAC systems.
When Micheal is off the clock he enjoys  snowboarding, Hip Hop  and mastering skills in Gaming. He also works with kids as a coach in Soccer 2 seasons a year.
Micheal LaCarra Jr.

Sarah has a Technical Certificate and Associate of Applied Science degree from Boise State and has been with MDS for 9 years.  She handles the bookkeeping, payroll, and managing the office.


Sarah enjoys camping, boating, and taking trips with her family.  She also likes to watch movies and help out in her daughter’s classroom.

Sarah Forrey
Sarah Forrey

Jill has a Bachelor’s of Applied Science and has been with MDS for 13 years. She specializes in BIM coordination and 3D modeling all piping systems. She excels in BIM management, running meetings and coordinating projects working with contractors, engineers and architects.


In her spare time she enjoys cardmaking, video games, volleyball, and spending time with her family.

Jill Lasley
Jill Lasley
Founder and owner of MDS, Mike's daily role includes daily business tasks, as well as project management. In addition, he spends time mentoring our employees, enhancing our team by merging his old school knowledge with our cutting edge new school technology creating a well rounded and experienced team of drafters to take on any task that comes our way. 
For fun Mike enjoys all four seasons of the outdoors - Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobiling, ATV, Motorcyle riding and home carpentry projects
Mike Deines
Mike Deines
Founder and owner of MDS, Paul has witnessed the many changes within the drafting and construction industries.  Paul credits our success to evolving with the ever changing technologies, our amazing employees and of course our clientele who have given us the opportunities to become a part of their teams.  Paul now focuses on project management, quality control and general business oversight.
 When not in his woodworking shop in his free time, you can find Paul taking advantage of all of Idaho’s wonderful outdoor opportunities.
Paul Bennett
Paul Bennett
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