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BIM Management
BIM Management
Project Support
Project Support
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Laser Scan Support
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As technology continues to change at a record pace, many companies are falling behind their competitors. MDS is here to help by being that "value added service". We want to help you successfully elevate your company by utilizing our experience and knowledge to improve your productivity and increase your profitability.

Fully coordinated, construction ready 3D models

Accurate, coordinated and detailed MEP shop drawings

Equipment pad layout shop drawings

Floor sleeve layout shop drawings

Hanger point layouts compatible with Total Station

System isometrics complete with Bill of Materials

Fabrication spool drawings

Create final As-Built drawings or models based on your relines that reflect changes made in the field or the fab shop

Our team provides instant scalability to our clients to meet your work demands head-on without having to hire and train additional employees.

We operate transparently as an extension of your team supporting your best interest throughout your projects.

With expertise that extends beyond one particular trade we fully understand project requirements, Level of Detail (LOD) industry standards, best methods and rules of thumb to follow in order to achieve accurate, coordinated, fabrication ready shop drawings.

We provide cost-effective solutions to coordination problems that arise from design intent through construction.

At MDS we provide a multitude of services to help meet your project needs and goals. Click on the links to the left to learn more about how we can be an asset to your team.

BIM or Building Information Modeling is a process that involves creating and using an intelligent 3D model to inform and communicate project decisions throughout the design and building process.

BIM has revolutionized the construction industry and is an everyday activity at MDS. Our diverse team can create, adapt and manage all disciplines of 3D building modeling to meet project specific requirements.


At MDS we can help make BIM a reality for you and your team. We understand that BIM requires high-quality constructible content which is why we have invested our time, monies, and training in keeping current with the most advanced software available that allows us to construct models to meet project level of detail (LOD) requirements for both field construction and prefabrication needs.


We work transparently with your team to represent and develop construction ready model(s) for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) disciplines to be shared for coordination and collaboration throughout the BIM process.


Here at MDS we model multi-disciplines under one roof, making it easier and more efficient to coordinate a total project.


MDS offers BIM Management Services for both hosting and facilitating projects, Clash Checking with reports and BIM Execution Plans tailored to meet your specific project requirements. See our BIM Management Tab for additional information on these services.

Do you want to control your own destiny? Depending on the project, mechanical contractors often times can take on the responsibility of

being a BIM manager. MDS can act as the BIM manager on your

behalf. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide a BIM execution plan for all stakeholders to follow

  • Host and lead online GoTO meetings with all trades

  • Process clash reports and distribute to all stakeholders

  • Create and distribute "appearance profiles" to maintain clarity within the model

  • Create and distribute "search sets" for ease of finding systems within the model.

  • Problem solve

  • Upload current models for all stakeholders to collaborate with

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Need extra help in registering your scanned point cloud? Provide us with your scan data in an e57 format and we will "stitch" them together and deliver back to you a fully registered point cloud.

Need extra help in processing your point cloud? We can help there too. We can accurately transform your point cloud into intelligent and actionable models of your worksite.

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